Sunday, April 17, 2011

Pakistan gives money to Taliban to kill Indian nationals

The Pakistani government has been funding Taliban terrorism against Indians through the Taliban? Wikkileaks information: ( click the link watch video then hit back button)

What is the Roman Catholic Church doing in India? Click link to see.
part #1
#2 is the best video if you are going to just watch one, when I was a  kid  i  remember people who were Indian moved in nearby and they had newspapers on their windows because they had no curtyains yet. I do not remember who told me they worship satan but it seemed kind of scary to a young kid.  see apologetics on page 3 to see who or what Hindus really worship.
part #2

part #3

Suggested proper method of conversion  as opposed to wrong method suggested here:

Missionaries in Africa, message from moslems:

I agree this is not a totally black and white issue with the conversions and yes these other videos are true but i do think wealthy  Hindus in India are not being kind enough to the poor so they are leaving hinduism to get help which is offered.  The following video is long and is from different points of view, Catholic, Hindu, and Bhuddist.  Ultimately what will happen is people will get their lives in order and decide on their own what religion they will follow as the Hindu converted to Christianity who became a Bhuddist. (Hindus and Bhuddists do not proselytize)  People just want to be treated with respect rather than some kind of a spiritual commodity.
This video i recommend, it is 20 min long:

My opinion on this is we should not support Missionaries in India or Africa, some good may be occuring but it is not an investment worth our hard earned money because it is to infused with political selfishness and ego. Much of the money is being wasted, it is better to just give the money to the poor with no Bible or strings attached. It is to expensive to try to do God's job and direct their spiritual path. I advocate just giving to She does not preassure anyone to follow a certain religion and she has built hundreds of thousands of homes out of  hurricane resistant concrete for the poor and those who lost everything. the missionaries only build the churches that way.   She even helped Hurricane Katrina victims WITHOUT pushing hinduism.  if we buy a stock that makes inconsistant income or has littlle or negative earnings per share or has to much debt then it is a bad investment. I give a strong buy or outperform, the Christian missionaries are underperforming and losing money, they are not effective.  Do research on who you donate money to, we cant afford to waste our hard earned money! Nobody has a right to convince someone to change their religion, this is God's job. our job is to alleviate the suffering and get people on their feet so they can go out and decide on their own.

 (Added 2011-4-20) To be frank I believe proselytization is a wrong act and against spirituality, it is a sign of ego and no true religion needs to be pushed in this way. personally I dont believe in a 'moral' style  conversion either, no one has any business converting others to different religion. Forget about the videos of people using immoral practices, even the best of conversion or proselytization is plain wrong, you cant do a wrong thing in a right way!  I was converted to Christianity, they used fear of Hell or fear of falling backwards off a ladder.  We cannot be scared into following a religion, and we should not be so scared of God that we cant see straight. We tend to be our own enemies, God is the source of love not fear. I came to Hinduism on my own, they do not approach you even if you come to the temple, the hindus are very much into minding their own business. This is a sign of spiritual maturity, they already know they have truth, truth is self evident so no 'conversion' is necessary.  None of my Hindu friends 'converted' me either.   I feel incredibly liberated now and i live without fear and at the same time i do spiritual practices that have been used for over 5000 years to EARN my reward and yes I do love God and I respect God but I do not perform out of fear anymore. 

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