6. Time and date Calendar

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Dates for 2012:
Link to calendar of all religions including Hinduism:  http://www.chiddingstone.kent.sch.uk/homework/religion/calendar.htm#jan

jan 28th Saraswati Puja

2012 Calendar go to   http://www.indif.com/nri/panchang/festival_Calendar_12.asp

BAPS Dates to remember: Please leave a comment if something from the Amma calender or BAPS calender is missing. Additional days of fast during Navratri, but all 8 or 9 days are fast days.  There are 4 seasons or 4 sets of these.  Navratri is the most important. Shivratri also has fast days.

Dates for 2011:

March 19 and 20  Holi

March 30 Fast Day

April 12 Swaminarayan Jayanti ramnavmi  Fast

April 14 Fast

April 28 varuthini Ekadashi  Fast

May 14 Fast

May 28 Fast

May 29 Yogi maharaj Birthday

June 12 Fast

June 13 teras  Vatsavitri vrat begins

June 15  Lunar Ecclipse 
              vatsavitri vrat ends

June 27 Mon  Fast

July  11 Mon. Devshayani Ekadashi   fast
                      chaturmas Gaurivrat begins

july 26 Tues fast

August 9  Tues fast

Aug 15  Mon  Independance day

Aug 22 Mon Janmashtmi  Fast  Krishna's birthday###     Video :  http://youtu.be/N_5nHC-lCBc Video in celebration I found on Youtube:   http://youtu.be/EQ0L_Te3FcA
Aug. 25  Thurs Fast

september 8 Thurs Jaljilani Ekadashi  Fast

September 24 sat. Fast

Sept. 27 Amma's birthday--not 100% sure of this

September 28 (Wednesday) Navratri begins Fast begins Durga Devotions done

October 6 (Thursday) Navratri ends+ or - one day( fast ends)
October 23 Rama Ekadashi Fast

october 26 wed   DIPAVALI

Oct. 27 Thurs Annakutotsav Hindu New year, 2068 begins.

Nov 6 sun. Fast
                Tulsi Vivah begins

Nov 10  thursdev Diwali purnima

nov 21 Fast

Dec 2 Premukh Swami Maharaj birthday

Dec 6 tues Fast

dec 21 wed Fast

Navratri Guidelines:
             No meat, fish or eggs
             No alcohol
             No strict rules for fasting unless your Guru requests something special.
             One meal a day
             Simple foods such as fruit and milk.
             Some suggest vegetables only with skin on.
             Can have potatoe curry, no wheat,grains or salt, eat after sunset.
             1st 3 days Durga
             2nd 3 days Lakshmi
             3rd 3 days Saraswati
             South India--Shakti devotion
             You are not supposed to starve yourself, set a reasonable fast, there are no strict rules.

Hindu cycles of time, where we are in the big picture: this is the Hindu concept of time: