Tuesday, April 14, 2015

My views on women's rights and other issues and ISIS

The old energy of the world is passing away but some people wish to hold onto these dark ideas. ISIS is an easy to see example of those holding onto dark or old ideas that never were correct to begin with. Many Muslims and Christians are slowly changing their ways and I encourage and congratulate them on their changes.

Women are equal to men and have the same rights in temple and Church. Women can serve and lead prayers and rituals including Homa and other important functions.

Women are not subservient at home or in the work place. Women do not need to sit in the back of church or temple.

We as humans are not unworthy of any grace. In mass before communion in the old rite (Tridentine) it says "Lord, I am not worthy that thou shouldst enter under my rood but only say the word and i shall be healed" This is flat out an error. The kingdom of God is within us not out there for someone to sell us or dispense to us. We will not grow spiritually until we drop this belief. The Church changed this wording for this reason because they are guided by the Holy Ghost!

Lord I am worthy of your Love and the love of others and I love myself as well as others.

 We do not need to have God dispensed to us by someone. We can be taught about spirituality but no one can give us God. We already have god within us.

Sex is not evil and neither is a man or woman's body. Sex contains spirituality most humans have not appreciated because they only enjoy it on a very superficial level. Women are not unclean because of a certain time of the month. Sexual organs should not be surgically altered or cut on a man or woman. We are to circumcise our minds and bodies spiritually.

We will notice those in the old energy becoming more galvanized and sure of their ideas- those who are of these ideas may push harder to promote the ideas while at the same time more people will grow spiritually and abandon old dark ideas. The world will appear to become more divided as a result of this. What ISIS is doing is an example of this but we may see this elsewhere in other groups who are against equality of women.

It is one thing to be wrong and we all should be tolerant of each other. The worst thing is to insist ones own way is the only correct way and try to force others to follow it. I do believe the way women are treated in some religions is bordering on abuse but to take these old beliefs and pass them off as fact and teach it as fact is abuse. we can all be wrong at times but if we take wrong ideas and kill others over it to get others to follow or use unscrupulous ways to even promote truth then we are in error.