4 Missionaries and Exorcism

Do not send money to missionaries in India or Russia. Support truly native religions such as the Russian Orthodox Church or Hindu temples that are established in good standing. The Hindus and  Orthodox do not proselytize, the Orthodox are not in India.(They are in Russia, Ukraine and eastern Europe)   I recomment the BAPS Temple (Shwaminarian denomination which is UN recognized)  http://chicago.baps.org/  I highly recommend  http://www.amma.org/     which is more non-denominational but native to South India. Amma also helps the poor throughout the world such as when the disaster hit New Orleans. She never preassures anyone to follow another religion--in fact she prefers  people to stay with their native or born religion. In fact Amma is building entire communities including hospitals , concrete homes( Built 200,000 so far) and infrstructure on entire townships. The locals from all different faiths help and it pulls the community together despite religious differences. When Christian missionaries come it divides the community, Amma has Moslem, Christian and Hindus working side by side building, carrying materials, and cooperating.   Missionaries are encouraging people to go against the government and attack native Indian religions. Communists are taking advantage of this and benefitting. Do you want to promote Communism?!

Here is a video on Missionaries in India. Click on the link(s)

#1   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q3Zxjndf0mw&feature=related  part 1 catholics in India

#2   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dkvdtzk1pbo&feature=related  part 2 catholics in India

#3  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=52Jok2Jzt3s&feature=related  conversions worth $12 a head part 3 catholics in India--from a convert who converted back to Hinduism.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gDQmhd_9Wiw  ( #1)  What missionaries do.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K8jm3y6xy3g&feature=related   #2  Insults to Hindu faith by Christians discussed.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_profilepage&v=W-Sk2JRiaWk  #3        Hindus do not cause wars and trouble outside of India and they are not causing trouble in India. They do not split continents among denominations like the Pope did and they dont wage wars to control continents and convert people to one brand of religion or another. The killing in India has come from outsiders invading and trying to convert Indians to religions they cant even keep their adherants at home in Europe and America following! india was very peaceful until these groups invaded, and they were ther first ones to kill in America with a gun, they are splitting india into camps and teaching hatred. Everywhere they go this violence  you see in this video follows.
If this does not stop i predict a great persecution of Christianity or a great falling away from christianity in the future. When the truth finally comes out even christians will be shocked and hindus will be so angered by it that they will become more violent and fight the outsiders outright. the Gurus and religious leaders teach Hindus to be tolerant and understanding, but it is getting very hard to be tolerant to this egoism coming in from outside of India! What did the Hindus do to christians to deserve such bad treatment, they have never invaded the Middle East or Europe and they do not insult the Christian churches.  If these spiritual games do not stop the whole earth will become a living Hell for all of us!
In India missionaries are pretty much paying poor people to convert and they say un-true things about native Hinduism. I debunk these myths on page 3.  A lot of money is coming into India from Europe to proselytize. It is Ironic that most Europeans do not go to Church and they have no spiritual life yet millions of dollars come from there to convert people who already believe in God.  It is also Ironic that many Catholics and Christians are becomming Hindus but they are doing so on their own.  They study the faith deeply then  decide on their own to become Hindu.They have to look for a Guru to take them in, some Gurus will not take them in.  The Hindus will take money to convert to Christianity and some go back to Hinduism especially when they realize they have been lied to. Many of the poor people are not well trained in their faith so they are easy to convert, they are nieve. These same evangelists are active in Central America converting Catholic poor people, my advise to Catholics is take care of the central American poor or they will become Baptist Christians who are anti- Catholic. It is like a tree rotting in the center but growing on the outside. The missionaries are on an ego trip to spread the religion while their own at home go without spiritual and material help.  Much violence is occurring in India because of missionaries and the government has been forced to pass some laws. A communist element is siding with the new Christians against the government and temples are being violated and people are being killed. it is also turning Hindus against Christianity--generally they are tolerant to everyone but if pushed they will become defensive and fight the outsiders.  This is not what Jesus Christ intended.

Full series on Christians in India in 3 parts: the Roman catholic church is very active in this activity.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q3Zxjndf0mw&feature=related   part 1

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dkvdtzk1pbo&feature=related   part 2

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=52Jok2Jzt3s&feature=related   part 3

I also recommend this last video that also gives a Catholic Priest's view, a Hindus view, and a Bhuddist's view in India on the issue of conversions.  Without this video the commentary here may seem to black and white. Hindus need to be more kind to poor Hindus or they will turn against India.  I feel the caste system is not an essential part of  Indian religion, i feel it was added later perhaps during moslem or Christian invasions or is simply overemphasized. In the end people will decide for themselves what they want to believe in, i do say investing in missionaries is basically a waste of money if it is to convert people because a month later they can change religions again. The video is 20 min. long, it shows there is another side to the story:

http://youtu.be/W-Sk2JRiaWk   Killings of Hindus in India, Hindus knew it was coming and tried to ask the government for help but they were ignored. 

EXORCISM in Hinduism

   Hindus have been doing exorcisms longer than Catholicism has existed probably because bad spirits have been around longer than  Judaism. The exorcists have to be very disciplined and live virtuous lives. Here is a link to a video by Nationla Geographic about a Hindu exorcism. These are not witch doctors, they are real exorcists, there are complaints there are not enough of them.  The exorcist does come back and check to see if the spirits are really gone, yes it is permanant.

1.   http://www.youtube.com/?v=Q3vFTiPCH2g&feature=related

Swaminarayan Hindu exorcism( related to temple I attend in Chicago)
2.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yYO4O2eTLrQ