9. Reincarnation paranormal / Vegetarianism videos Fatima at bottom of page

People remember their past lives, these are interesting videos that provide some evidence for reincarnation:

1.  Reincarnation    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ooRnQT4agXY&feature=related

2.  Reincarnation   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aAMz7cPtr_I&feature=related

3.  Reincarnation   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SF3KqGpxXvo&feature+related

4.  Reincarnation 1 of 5   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kmHo7_5MtmA&feature=related

5.  Reincarnation 2 of 5   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZV1w2pjDz9g&NR=1

6.  Reincarnation 3 of 5  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=md3KyaFEDak&NR=1

7.  Reincarnation 4 of 5 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fQ9cVPNIBfQ&NR=1

8.  Reincarnation 5 of 5 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9iAHEZmvfrQ&NR=1

9.  Dali Lama remembers past life, interviewed:

10. Reincarnation:  http://youtu.be/Jajblp47ubI

11. Father Peter- a Catholic Priest - on reincarnation:  <iframe width="960" height="720" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/KPTABj96MyY" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

I have met someone myself who remembers a past life even though he is an adult but he is a Catholic and so he is told not to remember it or that it is the Devil. I met him at the Necedah Shrine.  A lot of people in India remember past lives, it is so common that it is taken for granted.  There are many stories in India like the ones above.  They often know where they lived and about their family, they have to be told sometimes to let go of the past. There are many documented cases there. None of those cases are in these links.  I didnt add videos not in English on this website because I dont know the language. There are also miracles in Indian temples but I cant find them in English so I havent added them. Some statues exude a substance similar to the alleged crying Jesus and Mary statues in the West. Not everything on Utube is true so some especially in other languages I leave out because Im not sure what is going on. Some things could be scientific annomalies.
Yes Hindus and Bhuddhists have appearitions and paranormal experiences, and there have been saints in India longer than Western religion has existed.

Nepal boy:

1.  Nepal Boy 1   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v29clGMWU84&playnext=1&list=PL18lA979DEFC0BFA

2.  Nepal Boy 2  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ndg_6eajjNM&feature=related

3.  Nepal Boy 3  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wGMwa4yZLL4&feature=related

4.  Nepal Boy 4  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wzNAZE2gaBY&feature=related

5.  Nepal Boy 5  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cSKBYaVlYKU&feature=related

1. Nepal blesses pilgrims:   http://youtu.be/dULx-YKUyCM

Hermit lives without food. hospital studies case and keep him on cameras  and he doesnt eat . He does yogic exercises. He agreed to hospital stay so they could study him.

6.  Hermit:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FcR_wsb4XEA

7.  Yogi who doesnt eat, darshan in Himalayas part 3:

8. Rambau does Homa, offers self to fire, filmed with permission by westerner
        #1  http://youtu.be/uf04RUFBhgc

        #2     http://youtu.be/Y62mePylwG4

          #3       http://youtu.be/rknW5eQUB50

            #4  http://youtu.be/hNT4W9vhDOA
           #5  http://youtu.be/5xS5oicWCNU

9. Wasn't sure where this video fit, very unusual--about prayer and a --I guess a miracle.

10 BBC Man who heals using chi and meditation:  http://youtu.be/Ts3te7GCtNY

VEGETARIANISM                 -------------------------------------------------------------

Vegetarianism--Vegetarianism from Hindu teachings further down below at "VAISHNAVISM"

   In Hinduism many if not most do not eat meat. Some Hindus eat fish but no practicing Hindu eats beef or the flesh of a cow. Many Hindus will not eat any meat, fish or even eggs, but Hindus do drink milk and eat milk products.  Medical doctors often remind us of the benefits of refraining from eating meat. Many non-Hindus have been asked to go on a more vegetarian diet to benefit their health. There are also spiritual benefits, eating meat makes people more aggressive in a subtle way. I asked a Hindu priest years ago if there are circumstances when Hindus can eat meat. He said if you are in the military you may be allowed to eat meat.  If you look at the last 2000 years of history india has been invaded some but they have not invaded anyone or started a war. On the other hand Europe or America has invaded almost every nation on earth and there has been wars between European nations as well.  India used to extend to Afganistan but that area was invaded, plundered and the people have been split off from India.  If you do not eat meat you do not cause suffering for other creatures, especially here in America the way animals are processed for food is particularly bad. Americans would call the police on you if you treated your horse, dog or cat this way but cows in the USA are ignored. Cows are like dogs and cats, they have different personalities and are much like pets. They are not mean and they do not bite like some dogs. Cats are more aggressive than cows because they eat meat and meat is what they live on. They have the teeth and stomach for meat, Humans do not.The cat's teeth are pointed and sharp, isn't it nice we dont have teeth like a cat has?  Notice animals that eat meat are often more aggressive and wild than those that do not. A law is being passed that no videos can be taken in slaughterhouses. Some have been put on Youtube and the meat packers are afraid of people seeing the videos. Public TV also aired a program about slaughter houses. Think of those animals hanging as all dogs, like your dog laying on the floor--hanging from a hook!  We coddle and spend large amounts of money and take our dog or cat to the animal doctor and worry about him or her if they cant be found then we sit down and eat our steak.  What is the difference between a dog and a cow?
      Look into your conscience. When you see a mouse in your house, you see how cute it is and hesitate before hitting it with the boot. That pause is your conscience reminding you that you are taking a life that God made.  I agree there are times we have to kill, myself I use the live traps( if the mice cooperate) and i let them go outside unharmed.  If you had to kill your own chicken or hogs would you eat as much pork or chicken?  It is easy to just go to the store and pick up the package and unwrap it and pop it in the pan or oven. The chickens do know what death is and they panic when they see another chicken get its head cut off.  Animals do have souls, they do feel emotions but to a lesser degree than humans.
     In todays world meat eating is un-sustainable and expensive. It takes a lot of corn to feed a hog. All of these animals cost far more to feed than just  eating the grains and vegetables ourselves.  They pollute the environment and cause health problems. Meat eating in Hinduism is basically getting physical sensuality from another creatures suffering. We have actually grown to enjoy it and the wars in todays world get more and more scary and we neglect to see the connection.  If you do not believe what I have said here then trust hindu scripture and the sages of bhuddism and Hinduism, if you still do not believe then a picture is worth a thousand words and a video is worth a crore of pictures, watch the following 3 vedeos!

these are the famous slaughterhouse videos for those who insist, warning graphic:

1.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f9ypC175bOo

Scared, dont want to die:
2.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LUkHkyy4uqw&feature=related 

Paul McKartney: warning graphic
3.  <iframe title="YouTube video player" width="640" height="390" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/R4YX_iVWIe0?rel=0" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Why vegetarianism 10 reasons:
4.    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GgUgj9xZO7E

There are more but some will not connect to my blog and 3 is enough.  These videos are disgusting because they are true and real, I dont know if my stomach can take it either looking through all of this.  I grew up eating meat but now I dont eat cows, chickens or hogs.  the following videos are not as graphic, they are more informational.

1.  15 Reasons not to eat meat:

2.  Reasons not to eat meat by BenLoka, no animals shown:

Vegetarians are more beautiful people in general. Note how pretty the Seventh day Adventist girls are and some of the Asian girls are, many Asians eat less meat than we do in America.

3.  Why Im vegetarian, no graphic pictures:

4.  Do you want some ham, here he is but he is so cute. This is a fun video; watch it.

5.  cows and dog on farm- fun video; watch it:

6.  Snow flower the pet cow, fun video:

7.   Babe, short 30 second video, fun video; watch it:

8.  Effects of food on our consciousness Hindu perspective:

Statistics say eating meat lowers life span expectation.
9.  Western  Doctor (M.D.) explanation on diet with charts and graphs:
1st part   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7T9sclBc_h4&feature=related

2nd part  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Phaf573Q3ak&NR=1&feature=fvwp

3rd part  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7hCNI4IAbXY&NR=1&feature=fvwp

Vegetarianism in Christianity, What did Christ and the apostles do?
10.         http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ThulwgVMuA&feature=related

11.         http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7b3tLePStjw&feature=email

12.         http://youtu.be/7b3tLePStjw   Even catholic Saints criticized meat eating, vegetarianism in the Bible.

13. Vegetarianism and sexuality:  <iframe width="420" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/u2QSImHuhsM" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

VAISHNAVISM from Wickepedia.org  "Vegetarianism and religion"

In vaishnavism only vegetarian food can be offered to God ( They are the ones who worship God they call Vishnu or Krishna)
Vegetarianism is required for Hatha Yoga-- they must eat high quality non meat food for good mind and mood.
They have a long quote from The Mahabarata that is obviously negative on eating meat.( Mahabarata 13:115)
Amma, our Guru, asks us not to bring meat,  fish or eggs to common meals.

Bhagavata Purana 7:15:7
" A person fully aware of religious principals should never offer anything like meat, eggs,or fish in the sraddha ceremony and even if one is ksatriya (warrior) he himself should not eat such things."

One who partakes of human flesh, the flesh of a horse or of another animal, and deprives others of milk by slaughtering cows, O King, if such a fiend does not desist by other means, then you should not hesitate to cut off his head. Rig Veda Samhita, 10.87.16, FS 90
The very name of the cows is aghnya, indicating that they should never be slaughtered. Who, then could slay them? Surely, one who kills a cow or a bull commits the most heinous crime. Mahabharata, Shantiparva 262.47. FS,pg. 94
Those who are ignorant of real dharma and, though wicked and haughty, account themselves virtuous, kill animals without any feeling of remorse or fear of punishment. Further, in their next lives, such sinful persons will be eaten by the same creatures they have killed in this world. Shrimad Bhagavatam 11.5.4. FS, pg, 90

Those noble souls who practice meditation and other yogic ways, who are ever careful about all beings, who protect all animals, are the ones who are actually serious about spiritual practices. Atharva Veda Samhita 19.48.5. FS, 90

You must not use your God-given body for killing God's creatures, whether they are human, animal or whatever. Yajur Veda Samhita 12.32. FS, 90

May all beings look at me with a friendly eye. May I do likewise, and may we all look on each other with the eyes of a friend. Yajur Veda 36.18.

No pain should be caused to any created being or thing. Devikalottara agama, JAV 69-79. RM, 116

What is the good way? It is the path that reflects on how it may avoid killing any living creature. Refrain from taking precious life from any living being, even to save your own life. Tirukurral 324; 327, TW

Perceptive souls who have abandoned passion will not feed on flesh abandoned by life. TK 258, TW

Greater than a thousand ghee offerings consumed in sacrificial fires is to not sacrifice and consume any living creature. TK 259, TW

All that lives will press palms together in prayerful adoration of those who refuse to slaughter and savor meat. TK 260, TW

He who desires to augment his own flesh by eating the
flesh of other creatures lives in misery in whatever species
he may take his birth. MAHABHARAT 115.47

Those high-souled persons who desire beauty,
faultlessness of limbs, long life, understanding, mental and
physical strength and memory should abstain from acts of

The purchaser of flesh performs Hinsa (violence) by his
wealth; he who eats flesh does so by enjoying its taste; the
killer does Hinsa by actually tying and killing the animal.
Thus, there are three forms of killing: he who brings flesh
or sends for it, he who cuts off the limbs of an animal, and
he who purchases, sells or cooks flesh and eats it -- all of
these are to be considered meat-eaters.

He who sees that the Lord of all is ever the same in
all that is -- immortal in the field of mortality -- he sees
the truth. And when a man sees that the God in himself is
the same God in all that is, he hurts not himself by hurting
others. Then he goes, indeed, to the highest path.

Ahinsa is the highest Dharm. Ahinsa is the best Tapas.
Ahinsa is the greatest gift. Ahinsa is the highest
self-control. Ahinsa is the highest sacrifice. Ahinsa is
the highest power. Ahinsa is the highest friend. Ahinsa is
the highest truth. Ahinsa is the highest teaching.
MAHABHARAT 18.116.37-41

In his commentary on the Yoga Sutras, sage Vyasa defines ahimsa as "the absence of injuriousness (anabhidroha) toward all living beings (sarvabhuta) in all respects (sarvatha) and for all times (sarvada)."

What is the good way? It is the path that reflects on
how it may avoid killing any creature.

All that lives will press palms together in prayerful
adoration of those who refuse to slaughter and savor meat.

What is virtuous conduct? It is never destroting life,
for killing leads to every other sin.
TIRUKURAL 312, 321

Goodness is never one with the minds of these two: one
who wields a weapon and one who feasts on a creature's flesh.

"These scriptures unambiguously support the meatless way of life. In the Mahabharata, for instance, the great warrior Bhishma explains to Yudhishtira, eldest of the Pandava princes, that the meat of animals is like the flesh of one's own son, and that the foolish person who eats meat must be considered the vilest of human beings [Anu. 114.11]. The eating of 'dirty' food, it warns, is not as terrible as the eating of flesh [Shanti. 141.88] (it must be remembered that the brahmanas of ancient India exalted cleanliness to a divine principle).

"Similarly, the Manusmriti declares that one should 'refrain from eating all kinds of meat,' for such eating involves killing and leads to karmic bondage (bandha) [5.49]. Elsewhere in the Vedic literature, the last of the great Vedic kings, Maharajah Parikshit, is quoted as saying that 'only the animal-killer cannot relish the message of the Absolute Truth [Shrimad Bhagavatam 10.1.4].' "
There are 4 main denominations of Hinduism in India. Vaishnavism is vegetarian scripturally and by practice, the other 3 vary, some eat fish and some eat some meat. 

The Bhudda denounces the eating of meat as written in the mahayana Sutras, their precept against killing includes animals along with humans.

Jains are the strictest, all Jains are required to abstain from meat fish and eggs, They do not take milk or milk products.

Additional Scriptures against killing:  Note the last one.

Link to Himalayan Academy.com


A daily chapter from South Indian saint Tiruvalluvar's Tirukural, "Holy Couplets."

Chapter 33: Avoidance of Killing

Kural 321

What is virtuous conduct? It is never destroying life,
for killing leads to every other sin.

Kural 322

Of all virtues summed by ancient sages, the foremost are to
share one's food and to protect all living creatures.

Kural 323

Not killing is the first and foremost good.
The virtue of not lying comes next.

Kural 324

What is the good way? It is the path that reflects on
how it may avoid killing any living creature.

Kural 325

Among all who disown the world out of dismay,
the foremost, dismayed with killing, embrace nonkilling.

Kural 326

Life-devouring death will not lay waste the living days
of one whose code of conduct is to never kill.

Kural 327

Refrain from taking precious life from any living being,
even to save your own life.

Kural 328

By sacrifice of life, some gain great wealth and welfare,
but great men scorn such odious gains.

Kural 329

Those whose trade is killing creatures are deemed defiled
by men who know the defiling nature of being mean.

Kural 330

They say that beggars who suffer a depraved life
in a diseased body once deprived another's body of its life.


The mother of Jesus Christ appeared at fatima Portugal in 1916 to 3 young children. There is still a secret left to be revealed. Some say the Church already revealed everything there is to reveal, but did they really reveal everything?   The secret seems to be from within the catholic church, many have speculated on what the secret is. Some think there is a group of conspirators within the catholic church, it is mentioned that at a point in the future people will become very angry at the church and turn against the Pope. The appearitions did accurately predict the 2 world wars and the fall of the Czar in Russia to Communism. I do not believe the secret is yet available to the public in any way and that it has not yet been revealed. the secret seems like something that leaders of the church are reluctant to let out perhaps out of fear.  They were supposed to reveal it though but they did not. It does sound important to everyone and perhaps it will be revealed some day or maybe it will simply be realized before it is revealed and that may be the cause of the resentment and anger predicted against the Pope and the Church.  As a result it will cause catastrophic war or turning away from the Church.  There is a secret that the church has kept from all of us in the Christian world, Mary the Mother of God knows it and the Church is supposed to reveal it long time ago.  I believe the longer the church holds thid secret the more damage will be done both to the world and to the Church.
      Mary the Mother of God said sin is what caused war and I think this is very linked to this secret. Our sins cause wars to occurr in the future or war is a direct result of sin.  Something we are doing is causing the suffering of the world, specifically the armed conflicts between nations. Mary also mentions the destruction of nations. i believe an example of a destruction of a nation is what America did to the native people of America or what China did to Tibet. Another example is the westernization of Asia, India and Africa.  Missionaries are telling people to turn against their native roots and adopt American or European style religion. In India missionaries are telling Indians not to study Hindi or sanskrit and many are wearing western clothes which are less modest. This is mentioned by the mother of God but is not the secret.  The aggressiveness of christians is causing the destruction of nations and  and in some cases wars and civil unrest. the native people are not coming here to America or Europe and causing trouble, we are going over there and trying to get their resources and "save their souls".  Catholics even split south America between european nations and then they went over with guns and conquered.  Then the missionaries followed and they tried to convert everyone, since then there have been fewer and fewer nations, but now even catholics are falling away from the Church. What happens to us is based on what we have done in the past. you reap what you sow.
       So what do i think the secret is? 
       When jesus Christ was on earth he went into the temple and saw money changers selling sheep and doves. This is the only time Jesus lost His temper and turned over tables. I think he was upset about animals being slaughtered in the name of God. there were 3 sects of Jews in Israel, the Essenes, Saducees and Pharicees. Jesus was a Jew. he did not like the pharacees, or the saducees, i think He was an Essene. Essenes were vegetarians.  the early Christians were said to be vegetarians as well until about the time Rome became christian officially. A lot of people are not going to like the next statement:  The catholic Church dropped vegetarianism to entice the meat eating Romans into the fold.  it is said all vegetarian scripture was taken out and the Bible was written about at that time. There are christian and essene scriptures outside the Church that condemn meat eating in quotes from Jesus Christ. According to the allegories in the Bible  Christians are supposed to be meditating- this is very clear in the allegories in the Bible and there is evidence in the Vatican that they believe in that interpretation of the Bible. There is also evidence in the architecture of the Vatican as well as the Last supper painting. I will write more on this later. Early Christians did meditation and monks meditated in the Catholic Church until around 800 ad  THAT MY FRIEND IS THE SECRET!
      As the Bible is today some passages seem to be pro-vegetarian and meditation and some allow meat eating. I could be a Hindu and quote the Bible for vegetarianism. You could answer with scriptures that allow meat eating. The Bible could also be quoted for medittion as well as the existence of allegories which Jesus acknowledged himself. Hinduism doesnt have blatent contradictions like this.  Genesis describes a basically vegetarian world with one language and maybe one religion, they walked with God and then something went wrong.  Sanskrit is said to be the oldest language on earth and hinduism seems to be the oldest spiritual system on earth and they seem to have a strong vegetarian belief.  The Church has tried to make hinduism look like paganism when it is not, they have tried along with some Moslems to destroy hinduism either by the sword or conversion or both. 
      One of the results of meat eating is that you become more aggressive, many Catholics acknowledge this and think it is a good attribute. I am going to suggest that the nations that eat the most meat start the worst and the most wars.  Science seems to back this idea up, they say when an animal is slaughtered a horomone is secreted into its blood-stream that causes us to become more aggressive. It is caused by the fear and anxiousness of being killed.  This also would mean eating meat is a SIN. The Blessed Mother said sin leads to war, if we do not stop the sin we will have more wars! The church hid this to get Rome to convert, vegetarian christians were silenced, Christ did not approve of the practice of meat eating or even the drinking of alcohol. The Romans were very attached to drinking and eating meat, Rome also waged a lot of wars. If this is found to be true by science or archeology or some other information found in a monastery then the Church will be facing the biggest embaressment in its history, many will leave the Church and many will turn on the Pope.  This would be a very hard mistake to own up to and they may try to delay the revealing of the secret for as long as they can.  I have not read this idea anywhere and I do not know of any religions or prophets that have said this, and i may be wrong. even if i am wrong i do think it would be smart for all lovers of God to move towards vegetarianism because it is simply more perfect way of life. The Mass represents meditation in the symbolism- they kept the Mass or developed it later on but lost the practice of meditation. Catholics high up in the Church do meditate and do follow the allegories in the Bible but do not teach the people anything- they have the secret- it is not just vegetarianism and more secrets may exist.
Sin and Satan - origin of the words:
Sin does not have to do with actions we commit. It results in these bad actions. When we are in the state of sin we can no longer control ourselves and we become out of control and do terrible things. This is caused by an imbalance in how we use our brain. The Devil is pictured as a red man with horns. the red represents emotions and the horns represent power. If we dwell only on the Left side of our brain we are in sin. The left side of our brain is the emotional side. When we meditate we have balance and whole-ness which is where the word holy comes from. Meditation is not the concentration we do when we do the Rosary and it is not thinking about the mysteries of the rosary or other events. It is taking no thought (Matthew). Scientists have put wires on Hindus who meditate and found the meditation is on the right side of the brain and the pineal gland is activated. Pineal is in the book of Genesis where we meet God face to face. This is why Christ says to cast our net to the right side- He did not come here to teach us how to fish or do mundane things. Early Christians meditated and so did Christ and it is in scripture Rome left out of the Bible- we are finding these old scriptures and remains of these ancient Christians in areas in Africa and the Middle East. Rome put them down while the teachings still remain in the Bible and architecture of our Catholic Churches. If you look at the history of Europe since they dropped this invaluable exercise we descended into the pit of sin and did terrible acts upon ourselves and the rest of the world. When one meditates things go better for them- they are happier people and healthy. Doctors today ask patients to meditate because it works. I will write more on this later.