2 Tower 2010

Newer pictures ( after June 2011) at  http://necedah.blogspot.com/

progress 2011-5-14, I have been working on the ramp, I think I hurt my back lifting the bracket that holds up the ramp.

2011-4-19 afternoon snow-some progress on ramp at top. Click on picture to see larger image.

View from tower towards other 2 wooden towers. The white one is 45 feet tall can see 30 miles from it.

More pictures of tower from 2010 on page 8

Author of Website filling pillar form with concrete in summer 2010

pillar rebar has 1/2 inch horizontal rings with earthquake hooks. vertical is gr 60 3/4 inch. 

  This is when I had the bucket crane help lift the steel I beams in place in summer of 2010