Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Daniel Yuhasz
Daniel Yuhasz   Apr 16, 2013 05:21PM GMT
It is a currency war. When interest rates even start to go up then the dollar will be in trouble. Silver will go up but there will not be much warning. When a wild animal is in trouble it fights the hardest. The catholic church may be in the same situation as the Dollar. Both will go down hard and stocks will likely follow. I expect the stock market crash to begin in 2016 and stocks will reach record highs in 2014 maybe 2015. The Elite is struggling to hold power and they can manipulate the markets and people are fearful and computers make trades faster. I expect a 50% or more correction In stocks then we can get back in the markets in 2017. The coasts will flood and there will be earthquakes to add to the problems. The next 2 years will be good for stocks but there will always be some volatility. Silver will be unprofitable for a year or so then in 2014 it should start to go up. Now is the time to accumulate real silver but don't buy on borrowed money or play the markets. Be careful with margins with stocks as well but there is money to be made. I wouldn't short silver either even if everyone else is. buy in small quantities on a regular basis and buy small denominations and be careful of Chinese fake coins. Constitutional silver is holding value pretty well in this bear run and can be hard to find at times. I think dimes would be a good way to go but even dimes are being counterfeited.