Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Mahendra predictions posted 2011-3-15-7:40pm

   "After seeing the devestation in the last 20 hours in Japan, I am wondering what will happen after three years when real negative time starts for the world because every month catastrophe will hit our planet." Mahendra

according to him The current negative period will last 3 more days. He requests prayers and minute of silence.

For predictions relating to 2015 click  (link expired)  This was written in 2009. Mahendra never moves his prophecies up. he was asked about 2000 and 2012 in 1998  and said nothing would happen. It is 2015 and it will not change.  He uses Vedic astrology so if you are asked by your religion to not seek astrology then  think before you click this link.  Vedic astrology is part of Hinduism and considered  a sacred science and is not related to Western astrology.

For this week: Dont buy stocks yet, they will trade sideways  to weaker.  Gold will rebound toward end of week then drop a lot in next 3 weeks. Watch for the rebound in silver-- it will follow gold down if it does rebound.  The US dollar will gain against all currencies. Often when the dollar is stronger the stocks go down, may be good to be in cash for now.

$ index is 76.458,   silver 34.35,   gold 1397.7,  Djia, 11,855.42,  Nasdaq, 2667.33, AGNC $30.09

Monday, March 14, 2011


Mahendra Sharma asks for a minute of silence prayer for those suffering in Japan. He did not see the point in warning the world about these disasters because it does not save lives in past times he did accurately mention predictions of negative events. He is not sure whether to write the predictions or not. It does bother him.

In the next 48 years there will be tsunamies in Asia and hurricanes on the east coast of the US . Millions will lose their lives. In the next 2 years Australia, Japan,china, and New Zealand will be hit hard . These water related disasters will dominate the rest of the century then a cold period will come in the following century. there will also be some drought in the current century. His new book will be coming out soon.  Some areas he comments it will be so bad he suggests people move out now before it happens, most of these areas are in the Pacific, Hawaii is included. 2014 and 2015 seems like when the worst of it will happen, it will be bad enough that markets will be affected but I think an event in the Middle East such as a war is mentioned by Mahendra in 2015.  He does not predict the end of the world, life will continue for millions of years it seems. You may want to visit his site because my paraphraising here may be flawed. There are also a lot of positive things that will happen. Neither Amma or these others want us to dwell on the negative. Perhaps I shouldnt even bother writing about it.

Short term predictions by me: Do not buy metals. Stocks are ok.  AGNC has done very well. It is at $30.25. I think people have sold some stocks from the Indexes  and bought some of the better REIT stocks. Personally I think AGNC is overbought, perhaps it is better to wait until the ex dividend date has passed to buy into AGNC.  CIM is 4.24 or in that area, they will be declaring a dividend any day now.  I do not rate them as high as AGNC but they are not overbought and will probably go up when the dividend is declared. Their earnings are not as stable as AGNC though.   I still say silver and gold will come down, perhaps you can pick up some in a month after it comes down then it will be profitable to own.  Oil is around $100 and seems weak. Libya will calm down, I do not like seeing Quadaffy stay in power. I expect the dollar index to go up as oil goes down.  I do not think Japan will affect the makets by selling US bonds to rebuild.  It will be short term if it does.   The most important thing to buy is into the investment into your soul. AGNC does stock offerings from time to time and you can get it at a discount. I will pass the news if such an offering occurrs. God also does offerings, I mention the spiritual opportunities further down in this blog, if we buy in now into Gods offering we will reap spiritual rewards but we need to sign up now. You do not have to be Catholic, Hindu, or Moslem, you get as many shares as the effort you put in. This is an opportunity you can miss just like missing a stock offering then the price goes back up.   There is no risk involved but if you impose your own religion onto others or look down on people of other faiths then you lose much of your spiritual investment.

Thursday, March 10, 2011


March 10, 2011
The high prices of gas in the USA and the world is not due to a shortage. Just as in 2008 it is speculators driving up the price. The price for a gallon of gas in Libya is $.46 down from $.62 a gallon. Quadaffy lowered the price to placate the people. So what about the $3 difference? Looks like we have been taken for a ride.  There is plenty of oil, there is no shortage. None of the producers or Opec sees any shortage.Personally I think it is a media coverage problem. We are paying more to fill the pockets of people  sitting at desks trading oil contracts.  I figure they are making around $2 per gallon doing this.The other dollar goes to shipping and road taxes which I believe is more legitimate. Gas should be around $1.50. Gas stations I think make maybe 5% and they are not allowed to fix prices. How long will it take for us to realize we are being ripped off? Maybe Quadaffy will get his beloved oil installations back and oil will go to $10 a barrel. Wouldnt that be ironic!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Silver at 35.91 at 6:30 pm on Sunday

It is Sunday March 6, 2011. Silver is at $35.91. March and even april could be volatile. Metals may go higher but when they fall again it will be fast and maybe with no notice. Do not hold margins on metals or even stocks or you run the risk of a margin call. We will see volatility in both stocks and metals until the situation with the revolutions and civil war is resolved. After that metals and oil will go down.  I believe holding positions on borrowed money is far more precarious for metals than stocks.  On November 2010 the Chicago Mercantile Exchange increased margin requirements from $5000 to $6500 for silver. On friday March 6, 2011 the margin requirements for paladium were raised 25%. At 4:39 pm sunday oil was $104.90 and gold was $1431.95.  It looks like the rebels in Lybia are pushing towards Tripoli. Quadaffy is telling everybody that he is winning but it sounds like he is lying.  Problems could break out in Saudia Arabia, the government there just put a prohibition on protests.   My earlier prediction may still be correct but if Saudia Arabia flaires up it could take more time. It almost looks like silver could hit $40 but anyone who would ride it that high either is holding it long term to insure their portfolio or they are very greedy and big risk takers. the US government is considering opening its strategic  oil  supply. Saudia Arabia is a big oil producer so we may see more of this high oil and high metals or at least volatility for a month or two.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Vedic predictions March 2011

Today is March 4, 2011. Sam Geppi is a very good astrologer who is a follower of Amma. Om Namah Shiviya. Happy Shivaratri!( March 3)." Turmoil will become peace""Poisen will be transferred to medicine"--Sam GeppiThe present turmoil in the Middle east and Africa--and the world will lift. it is like a gentle rain coming after thunder and lightning. The problems will be resolved in the next 1 month. prices of oil and metals are as high as they will go. They will go down from here.1:33pm Friday March Oil $104.27,   4 Silver 35.36,  Gold 1426.80, Nasdaq, 2772.85, DJIA, 12, 106.76, CIM (Chimura High Yield REIT)$4.255, AGNC(American capital Agency) $29.61 Latest news--Libyan fighting continues. The indexes are down due to fears over oil supply, unemployment down to 8.9%- good news. Economy picking up but crisis in Africa middle East holding it back for now. Ford stock is down like 10% I noticed.  Do not buy silver, gold or oil contracts or you will lose money. Indexes and US dollar good. CIM recently took a drop- may be a good time to buy RSI is around 50 now. AGNC may be a little more overbought short term.  Good news looks like spring is coming, we still have all our snow but i think it will begin to melt.