10. Photography of Bollywood and Asian festivals

2010 may Asian festival Chicago Loop 

Preitty Zinta pictures are further down, she is in yellow , a peach outfit and an elegant white dress, she is so beautiful. It was my birthday the day I took pictures of her on stage, it was awesome. She is right below Suschmita Sen.

Daley Ctr:

2010 summer Bollywood singers Richa Sharma and author of blog.

Bhavesh and Babu Patel on stage with singers summer 2010. (Sahil Exclusive  sellers of luxurious Indian  bridal saris on Devon Avenue in Chicago)


Richa Sharma about to perform on stage at the beginning of the show in Chicago summer 2010

Daley Ctr 2010

Classical Indian dance 2010 May Festival Daley Ctr Chicago Loop

Suschmita Sen taken by author of website 2006 at UIC Chicago Sahil event, Bhavesh Patel is the director.

Preitty Zinta 2006 UIC chicago taken by author of website at Sahil event.

Preitty Zinta

Preitty Zinta doing Mission kashmir Bumbro at UIC Chicago taken by author of website theyuha in 2006. director Bhavesh Patel of Sahil on Devon avenue Chicago Ill.

More pictures at http://theuha.blogspot.com/ (bollywood)  and other festivals at http://asianfestival.blogspot.com/