Thursday, March 26, 2015

Gradually entering more peaceful period

ISIS is a problem and more terrorism on the west will come from them but they will do such wicked acts that everyone will be compelled to band together and fight them. There could be another 9-11 in the USA or Europe- ( or both) we are not done yet with this. Israel and Palestine will have to drop their differences to combat ISIS. In reality we will have to isolate them and cut their funding because fighting dark with dark will be less effective but if no one trades with them they will no longer have teeth to sink into us. I think this will be the last big conflict and when we succeed we will realize that old differences are already forgotten. Other parts of the world will become more peaceful over time. it will be gradual. Iran has a large youth that is not interested in old ways. As they grow up they will make changes and replace older folks in power. We may see a soft revolution in Iran, North Korea, and even China. presently China and North Korea are committing cyber attacks on the USA. We will have to tell China that we will not honor the bonds they bought if they do not stop and cut  Korea loose- they will have to or Korea may just change on their own. South America will form a sort of EU of their own and later Africa will do the same- Africa will probably be last but they will do very well when the finally do because there are many resources there. Right now we are going through a phase where dark forces in the US do not want to give up. They prefer to be selfish and cut taxes on the rich and cut benefits on the middle class and poor but this time we are taking notice. They also prefer to bomb Iran when really we can make peace with them and combine efforts to eradicate ISIS. often you see the same politicians cut benefits because there is not enough money but then give huge benefits to special interest or corporations- they are simply showing their true colors and this time we will not let them get away with it. Good is entering our political system.  In 2016 we will see more remodeling of our economic system in the fall- be out of stocks at that time or you will be in the building when the wrecking ball hits. Do not be afraid. A lot of good changes will come as a result. The political process will be turbulent at times but will get easier over the long term as people make better decisions and remove bad energies and people from our public institutions.  We have to change because with the technology we are developing and and already have we can not afford to not have peace. Many new inventions are coming that will help us live better and longer and spirituality will become a scientific study instead of religious dogma. we may be in the time of the last Pope but whether we have more Popes or not the Church may transition over to more factual ideas and drop some old ideas that do not serve us. Subatomic science will find answers to spiritual questions and even an energy will be found that can not be used for non peaceful reasons.  All of us will change including myself. We will find new ways to live and make money.  I think the next few years may be fearful for some but we must remember the dark energy on earth thrives on fear but we are coming into a better age- their age is over. There will be no nuclear war or one world governments anymore- something I feared when I was younger- we have passed that point whee that could happen. We will see some natural disasters but we will have to have compassion on each other and help each other. We are in the spring of the great year- it is a time of growth in the 24,000 year cycle. Many thought we would not reach 2000 Ad without nuclear war- it simply is not coming. We should be thankful it did not come. We changed our future and now we have a future.

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