Tuesday, August 9, 2011

New Blogs

I am still working on 1 and 4. Number 2 is progress on the tower, I plan to pour the top floor slab this fall or late summer. I will be adding new pictures. Number 3 has good music.
6. http://theyuha-madonna.blogspot.com/  On this blog I added some content - see the pages. I also added some good Madonna music videos.

7.  http://theuha.blogspot.com/  Bollywood shows I did photography at as well as music videos from youtube.

9.  http://theyuha-silver.blogspot.com/   Updates on REIT stock and silver-- REITS were up over 10% today!

10.  http://asianfestival.blogspot.com/  Other Asian festivals I photograph. Dont forget the Indian festival coming up on October 8,  2011 at Stevens Point at the  SPASH school. The proceeds go to the poor of India. For more information contact me at theyuha@yahoo.com

Saturday, August 6, 2011

ARR earnings

Friday, August 5, 2011

Sold ARR

ARR 's  earnings per share listed  at $-.14 today. I had to look on the special charts to find this under company events:  earnings and dividends.  ARR earnings per share has not been listed in the news even though the earnings date passed.  Something is wrong here, Im not risking it with my money. If anyone has any insight on this let me know--leave a message. Usually when these REITs have an earnings announcement they list everything in detail with earnings per share in the news column right on the stock page.Most people would not know to look where I did to find this, to me this kind of looks like the cat's crap hidden in the corner where no-one can see it.  It is 4:18 central time and I see nothing listing earnings per share. I sold the remaining ARR I had after hours at $7.35.

I replaced some of the ARR holdings I had with CMO. They are paying out what they make and they have been around longer. They also hold adjustable mortgages which may perform better if interest rates go up. I do not recommend putting all of your funds into any stocks right now, a safe alternative is JASBX a short term bond related mutual fund. You must keep the cash in there for 3 months or you pay $50 fee. Otherwize there is no buy or sell fee.

I tried leaving a comment about the ARR EPS on the Yahoo finance message board for ARR and was immediately deleted. I tried again and couldnt leave a second response to another persons inquiry. There is something going on here! I called Etrade and they agreed something isnt right. He agreed that the earnings were -$.14 and he saw what I wrote here and agreed I am not out of line with my statement.

More insider buys for CIM:   http://investor.chimerareit.com/ShowFile.aspx?Output=XML&KeyFile=11568886&Format=XML   There are other insider buys as well.Over $500,000  worth total were bought recently. Could it be that CIM is ready to turn around. The net asset value is $3.08, the book value is $3.35. I noticed when ARR and other companies took a nose-dive this morning that CIM barely went down at all.
For more updates about silver and REIT stock see my website at http://www.theyuha-silver.blogspot.com/

Monday, August 1, 2011

Where does the evil come from?

here is a discussion on Hell: http://youtu.be/Ac-DX9xBEHA

Discussion on Evil: http://youtu.be/UyFuOoyLq9U

An American put this on youtube, I watched a number of his videos, he doesnt quote non-Christian scripture--he uses the Bible. His thinking is more in line with Vedic scripture. I think people are starting to wake up to the truth. We do not have to go along with the half truths and lies that the church teaches anymore, better yet God gave us a brain let us use it to think for ourselves instead of letting someone spoon-feed us with questionable teachings.