Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Please do not be afraid of WW3. Yes there will be some small war and some events to cause some worry but WW3 possibilities are behind us for good. I am not sure about the state of the economy in 2017.  If there is a downturn in USA stocks metals may follow suit. You may want to wait to buy gold and silver or at least not buy  a lot all at once as it may fall sharply. metals should recover though but if stocks fall hard it may take some years to recover. A war in the middle east may seem to cause a revolution in Iran which will be good news. The younger generation will win out there over religious fanatics. The middle east will be solved by those in Israel not by America or outsiders. The youth will seem to have more insight than the older generation.For the short term real estate stocks seem to be doing well but not sure how long. The economy could falter this fall but I am not completely sure. President Trump is a big lesson for America and may cause us to make some big changes for the good. Sometimes we have to learn the hard way, we will vote better next time.

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