Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Mahendra predictions posted 2011-3-15-7:40pm

   "After seeing the devestation in the last 20 hours in Japan, I am wondering what will happen after three years when real negative time starts for the world because every month catastrophe will hit our planet." Mahendra

according to him The current negative period will last 3 more days. He requests prayers and minute of silence.

For predictions relating to 2015 click  (link expired)  This was written in 2009. Mahendra never moves his prophecies up. he was asked about 2000 and 2012 in 1998  and said nothing would happen. It is 2015 and it will not change.  He uses Vedic astrology so if you are asked by your religion to not seek astrology then  think before you click this link.  Vedic astrology is part of Hinduism and considered  a sacred science and is not related to Western astrology.

For this week: Dont buy stocks yet, they will trade sideways  to weaker.  Gold will rebound toward end of week then drop a lot in next 3 weeks. Watch for the rebound in silver-- it will follow gold down if it does rebound.  The US dollar will gain against all currencies. Often when the dollar is stronger the stocks go down, may be good to be in cash for now.

$ index is 76.458,   silver 34.35,   gold 1397.7,  Djia, 11,855.42,  Nasdaq, 2667.33, AGNC $30.09

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