Friday, March 4, 2011

Vedic predictions March 2011

Today is March 4, 2011. Sam Geppi is a very good astrologer who is a follower of Amma. Om Namah Shiviya. Happy Shivaratri!( March 3)." Turmoil will become peace""Poisen will be transferred to medicine"--Sam GeppiThe present turmoil in the Middle east and Africa--and the world will lift. it is like a gentle rain coming after thunder and lightning. The problems will be resolved in the next 1 month. prices of oil and metals are as high as they will go. They will go down from here.1:33pm Friday March Oil $104.27,   4 Silver 35.36,  Gold 1426.80, Nasdaq, 2772.85, DJIA, 12, 106.76, CIM (Chimura High Yield REIT)$4.255, AGNC(American capital Agency) $29.61 Latest news--Libyan fighting continues. The indexes are down due to fears over oil supply, unemployment down to 8.9%- good news. Economy picking up but crisis in Africa middle East holding it back for now. Ford stock is down like 10% I noticed.  Do not buy silver, gold or oil contracts or you will lose money. Indexes and US dollar good. CIM recently took a drop- may be a good time to buy RSI is around 50 now. AGNC may be a little more overbought short term.  Good news looks like spring is coming, we still have all our snow but i think it will begin to melt.

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