Thursday, April 14, 2011

April 14, 2011 happy New Year Sanatana Dharma

Mahendra did predict long term that gold and silver would go up for the next century back in 2000.  It is very hard to predict in short term such as weeks or days for daily fluctuations.  REITs are starting back up. Do not sell the ARR until the record date passes tomorrow or you will lose the dividend. Another one is coming next month as well.  AGNC is up 1.5% already on the day.  There will be inflation so silver is a good thing to have in your portfolio. Mahendra also talked years ago about  "Gold revolutions" occurring worldwide. We will have to return to a gold standard.  2012 and 2013 will be ok but 2015 will begin a bad period of world disasters and possible war. The world will not end any time soon though and new inventions will occurr and life will press on. Edgar Cayse predicted land changes and a spiritual awakening. He warned about Libya being the beginning of something, to watch for events in Libya. A spiritual awakening will come in 2012 but we cant wait for someone to just give us everything, these changes will come from within us as individuals not from outside of us.  Some people of the Hindu faith celebrate new Years day today, may you have a prayerful and blessed day. Om Namah Shiviya!

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