Thursday, April 21, 2011

Happy Easter / Comment on 3rd secret of Fatima at bottom of page 9

This is the day we celebrate when Jesus replaced animal sacrifice with the sacrifice of His own body for the salvation of our souls. After this was done we no longer offer innocent animals up for sacrifice to God.  When we can love animals then we can love mankind. When we love man who we can see then we can love God whom we cannot see. Today is 'earth day'. Let us refrain from eating meat in respect for jesus Christ who ended animal sacrifice and replaced it with Holy Mass. there is evidence that Christ did not eat meat anyways, I think He agreed with Vedic scholars that it is wrong to cause another creature suffering when there are other more healthy alternatives available to eat. Eating meat also uses more resources and pollutes the environment, people are starving because we are feeding their food to animals raised simply to kill and eat. The cows dont want to die and they know what is going to happen, they try to turn around but the hallway to the slaughterhouse is very narrow and people have electronic zappers to apply to their posterior to make them move foward. yes they do try to turn around but they cant.  I have it on a video under vegetarianism page.  Please be merciful to these peaceful creatures and refrain from eating them, it will help you love your fellow man and God more and your health will improve.  Even doctors agree that meat eating is bad for your health, see my video lower on the vegetarianism page for videos giving statistics in california by medical doctors.  If you had to kill your own animals you would eat less meat unless you are heartless. I used to eat meat as well like you do so I cannot look down on you for eating meat, sometimes all the convincing in the world will not work until we finally look into our own heart, sit quietly and empty out the extraneous thoughts and let God tell us through our own soul. it is not easy to give up, i think it may be addicting and hard to give up when relatives and friends still eat it.
Why did Jesus drive the people selling animals out of the temple with a whip?  Lord Krishna would have done the same thing!

While remembering Good Friday let us remember not to cause suffering to even the least of Gods creatures.Happy and blessed Easter. A further comment about Fatima and what I think the 3rd secret of Fatima is is at the bottom of page 9, I did not read this anywhere but my idea would explain why the Church has not revealed the 3rd secret yet. Some say the secret has been revealed by the Church but from what i have read of the secret so far revealed  i do not see any thing to cause them to delay revealing it from 1960 to 10 years ago nor do i see any other reason why people would turn on the Church unless the church lied on a big issue, it may not have been completely revealed.   May the blessing of God the Father, God the Son, and God The Holy Ghost come down upon all who enter this site, Amen.

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