Thursday, November 19, 2015

I opened my Tower called Necedah Tower in April of 2015. I had decent business- a lot of people did not know about the place but those who came really enjoyed it and some said i undercharged for the room. I have some good reviews. On November 19th I closed the Tower for the winter. I plan to have some upgrades next year and new stonework on the 2nd floor of the building. The colors will follow the colors of the Zodiac. I also recently closed in the level below the tower. I also cut a lot of firewood.( See Necedah Tower on Facebook- also on Airband b)
     The next 2 years will be very eventful years, many of the predictions are coming upon us including the earthquake in California and Japan. Towards the end of 2016 we have a 75% chance of a sharp downturn in the US economy so I expect to get out of stocks in 2016. I still think there is some upside for now though. Citigroup is a good pick right now. We need to pray for a lessening of problems in the ring of fire so things do not slide to much and cause damage in populated areas. Japan is in jeopardy being a volcano covered with nuclear reactors. all reactors on earth should be closed and oil should be phased out. There are other cheaper sources of energy- the big companies know this but their greed makes them slow with the truth!

Number to contact me for Necedah Tower  630-891-2306

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