Saturday, March 24, 2012

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  1. Hi, You posted on YouTube about Lost ancient Indian temples (to Islamic destruction & vandalism)... thus:
    Lingha is not penis, this is an idea the brittish and Moslems pushed to insult Hinduism. Lingha means formlessness of God. Shisna is sanskrit word for penis not Linga.

    Sanskrit word 'Linga' means both 'gender' or genitals..
    Pullinga = male & streelings = female.
    Thus 'linga is both 'penis-balls' & 'clitoris-vulva' complex organs.
    Sanskrit word for formless is "nirakar" & nirguN = without any physical properties or attributes, like colour, smell, weight, etc.

    This is baseless apologism. Hinduism is organised paganism that observes and copies the natural world that runs on competition & conquest for food & sex.

    The concept of aversion to nudity / 'nakedness is more recent phenomenon from Bible Genesis 9:18-27