Sunday, November 27, 2011

Operation Christmas Child

Do not give to missionaries who send gifts in shoe-boxes to Africa or india. they are giving these to children who are less than 15 years old to lure them away from their parents' religion.  It is candy and toys to convert them, we do not need to be insulting the Moslems in Africa or the Hindus, we have enough problems over there already. They frequently go to the poorest areas to do this, if they really want to do good they should leave religion out of gift giving. if you are a Christian do you believe in the Golden Rule? Do unto others as you would want to have done to you. Would you like Moslems or Hindus approaching your child at school or at the bus stop offering them toys and candy and religious books or invitations to their church without your permission?  This is what Christian missionaries do in Africa or India--shoebox program is 2nd link below.  Link to stories:   1.

This isnt all that is going on, kidnapping is being done as well. I fear a war could be started all because of the errors Christians carry.  Europe and America are losing Christian adherants by droves and these were traditionally christian nations for hundreds of years and the people are not leaving because someone influences them-- these are educated and wealthy people. Why not send the missionaries there to bring them back to the 'fold'? After all this is where all the money to convert India is coming from! Does India and Africa really want the spiritual trainwreck that America and Europe have? Does India really want to adopt American ways with its materialism and bad diet?
My alternative:  Give your Christmas money to or embracing the world Amma does not preassure anyone to become any particular religion-- she preferrs you remain as you are but grow in spirituality. She doesnt give your kids shoe-boxes of toys or sweets to entice conversion but she builds whole townships-- houses, hospitals, sewers and all bring all of the members together to help. 200,000 concrete homes were built for the homeless, these homes will not blow away. They are built like the way only the missionary churches are built--- Missionaries do NOT build concrete homes for the poor but their churches are concrete! Missionaries are a ticket for war in India, do not support missionaries. They are there to change the religion of India and Africa and that is the only reason- like a giant game of Risk waging spiritual warfare not realizing that there is only ONE God over the whole world. Article on Shoebox program:   I have seen this shoebox program on Facebook:  2.
   Do we really need another sensless war in Africa or India? I went to the website that promotes this program, they claim their religion is far superior than the Mongolian spirituality. They are there to change Mongolia (and others) to their brand of Christianity. They think they have a different better spirit.  is it the same spirit in Germany and America where no one wants to buy their doctrine-- they dont want it-- they would rather have nothing at all! Which brand of paint works better-- lets look at divorce rate-- Christian nations have a high divorce rate and mongolia and India have low divorce rates and look at how the western women dress like street walkers-- The missionaries belong in Europe and America fixing the broken system there! The people in Africa and India are poor because America and Europe have colonized them and taken resources for centuries for free.  Then they give them a shoe-box of cheap toys or candy in return for  400 years of free diamonds, ore, labor and minerals. They want their very souls along with everything else, DONT BUY IT!
Avoid Operation Christmas child.

I rate an outperform.

Airforce backs away from Operation Christmas Child--same reason I complain about here-- here is the link:

They mentioned the Airforce pulling out but they only tell half of the story and mix it with a story about atheists  who had nothing to do with this. The do not mention proselytization or the real reason the airforce pulled out. They did mention the air-force did send an email to all recruits asking for boxes to be made up to ship out then rescinded the request. I cant re-write the story here but i do not care much for Fox news anymore and now I realize how news can be changed or altered by the media. There was also talk of  President Obama  de- Christianizing America but we really do not need this kind of Christianity anyways.  I am not against the boxes, I am against religion being pushed with the boxes-- scripture or christian pamphlets are always included with the boxes. Are we not supposed to give without the receiver knowing who gave-- it should be totally anonymous without even nationality or religion included without intention of receiving anything ( conversion) back.

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