Saturday, September 3, 2011

Government takeover reveals real problems in America

There are talks of the government in a sence buying the mortgage backed securities by allowing a large scale refinancing of house mortgages and making changes to the REIT structure.  If the government takes over with no cash to buy the securities then the burden will be back on all of us equally except maybe those who have a lot of silver and gold. The government will have to borrow more money or print more which will eventually create inflation. I think President Obama has the nations best interests at heart and this could possibly help some in distress but it is not adressing the real problem in America.  If this works it will get him re-elected.  Good stocks will also go up with inflation but if people panick they will come back down plus companies do not live forever. Our society is to much into debt in all levels. The only answer to this may be to come together as communities and help each other build houses. or Embracing the World is doing this in India--whole communities are building whole townships with sewers and hospitals all without debt. We are a long ways from that in America because we all have to be paid for everything we do. There is no volunteerism here and we do not trust anyone including the Church so we try to do everything by ourselves which means borrowing from a bank. We do not get family help anymore like generations past. No one wants to give up their money and family life is breaking down so these situations dont exist as much. The problem is not President Obama or the FED; it is a social and family problem. The deeper we go the more it will look like communism, not because we have communists in office but because we dont work together on a family and community level. The government is being asked to do to much-- they are taking on roles that used to be done by family and local communities. No one trustsa anyone anymore, they cant rely on family or church or local help and wages are down because all of the women are working where as they didnt before.The problem is not the government it is a social and family structure or spiritual problem. The Church is more concerned with making the whole world become Christian but has left the wheel alltogether on practicing what Christ tought us to do plus the Church has forgotten some of what Christ tought. Businesses have taken over what the Church used to do and now the Church mostly tries to conquer the world by converting the other religions. Amma has all 3 of the great religions working together to build entire communities-no conversions and 100s of thousands of concrete houses for the poor that wont blow away in the next storm. This is creating cooperation and peace between the faiths and creates no debt--no mortgage backed securities. The houses we have here in America are tornado traps built solely to make money for a company-they arent built to last very long at all. I have seen the shoddy work being in the construction field and this is what your mortgage backed securities are based on that AGNC, CIM, NLY and others hold. We may learn that the quick buck is practically worthless but old values are everlasting and hold value. I need to learn it, you do, the president does and so does the Church! (financial)

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